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About Us


Our History

As a young explorer, a peace-based high school (the United World College of India) helped Ufra Mir shape her combined passion for mental health and peace into the development of a psychosocial empowerment initiative. Paigaam grew out of this initiative during her college years in the USA; and educates and empowers people through the eclectic skills from both psychology and peacebuilding mainly in Kashmir at present.  The main idea is to empower people by helping them transform their thinking; Paigaam’s motto being “Transform thinking, Transform Lives”.  




Paigaam has been educating, training and empowering people through the eclectic skills from both psychology and peacebuilding some of which include critical and creative thinking, multistakeholder engagement, facilitation; conflict, change and stress management; conflict analysis, neuroscience, mental health and spiritual counselling and awareness; and leadership development; with the major focus on empowerment, arts and creativity in conflict, health and emotional-mental wellbeing. The whole point is to help transform thinking of people in a healthy and positive way so that they can feel empowered and take charge of their lives. In Kashmir especially, due to the ongoing conflict, there’s a sense of learned helplessness; it makes one feel very depressed at an intra-level too, causing many internal conflicts. Additionally, there are not many platforms for self-expression; which again further leads to many people especially youngsters into depression. Paigaam has been conducting workshops to support people and facilitate their healing, expression, empowerment and self-transformation.


Our Mission and Vision

 Paigaam: A Message for Peace educates, and empowers youth, children, and adults in the values, principles, and best practices of intercultural peacebuilding and peacekeeping skills based on mainly peace-psychology.These skills include, but are not limited to: conflict reconciliation & transformation; trauma healing, stress management & post-conflict psychological recovery; nonviolent communication, mediation & facilitation, mental health awareness and leadership development.

The vision is to help secure a more sustainable, increasingly peaceful, global future. 

Who we are


 We are a global alliance of trainers, practitioners and activists committed to learning, teaching and promoting peacebuilding. 

What we do


 -Train people in various peacemaking techniques and methods to sustainably incorporate and apply them in different aspects of life
-Support, promote and network with similar peace initiatives and organizations 

How we do it


 We strive to build a healthier future through peace-education and trainings, youth empowerment and leadership.
We spread the message of peace by celebrating diversity, culture, arts and collaboration with the community. 

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